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Distance Learning MBA Courses

MBA classes are offered through distance learning programs via colleges and universities across the country. These programs often feature a specialization which allows students to take courses that are directly related to their academic and professional goals.

Distance  MBA All Specializations ::

MBA programs almost always have a specialization, which allows aspiring professionals to focus on the subject that is most applicable to their career path. The following list contains a few examples of common MBA specializations:

  • Finance: The MBA in Finance courses offered through distance learning programs are ideal for students who are pursuing careers in corporate finance, investment and management. Course topics in this program can include financial planning, applied management, and international trade and finance.
  • Information Technology: Distance learning MBA in Information Technology (IT) courses are designed for students seeking management opportunities within the computer and technology departments of businesses or other organizations. A typical curriculum generally includes courses in IT management concepts, strategic planning, and technology and innovation.
  • Healthcare: A bachelor’s degree in a business or health-related field is a prerequisite for the MBA in Healthcare program. Courses in this program cover topics that apply to healthcare management careers, such as economics, politics, social demands, healthcare systems, business and regulations. The following classes are available through distance learning MBA programs focused on healthcare:
    • Leadership roles in healthcare today
    • Managerial accounting
    • Quantitative methods
    • Health policy

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