MOOCs for Quality Engineering – Distance Engineering, Diploma , M-Tech & MCA

What is  blended MOOC model ?, The new word revolving around the education industries. Here is the answer MOOC Means,

MOOC – (Massive Open Online Courses).MOOCs offer an unprecedented opportunity to revitalise education. These cause complete disintermediation of the university system, making them very affordable. MOOC stipulates an important role for local teachers, who will use a ‘flipped classroom’ model of teaching. They will conduct group discussions and problem-solving sessions rather than mere lecturing and locally give and evaluate assignments of which the marks will be factored in the final grade. They will also conduct laboratories where needed. They will thus mentor and guide students, under their charge. MOOC also gives permit learners to access and benefit from the teaching by renowned professors.

There is around 5000 engineering collages today. The quality of engineering education in india is impacted because of the rigidity of university and AICTE norms. College has to be attached to AICTE or University. The syllabus , examination is decided by AICTE or University but the learning is taken place at the collages. A routine tradition has developed due to this where the students join tuition classes or private classes and are in the run to complete the theory syllabus in the time frame.

In this traditional process the student lacks the real time problem solving techniques, group discussion and problem solving session and industries expertise.

MOOC model is the solution to this issue.

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